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    A blog for uni. Supported by Grace Surman and Leeds Beckett University. Feminising space. Ethics of sex work under capitalism.

    June 25, 2017 · Personal vs,sex work,Photography
    am i ever gonna be enough Photography by Daisy Petley Monday 19 June 2017 Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
    June 22, 2017 · Performance,credits,sex work
    I premiered 'am i ever gonna be enough' at 8pm on Tuesday 20 June 2017, at the Hyde Park Book...
    June 18, 2017 · Choreography,text,site specific
    Two more sleeps! It is Sunday and i had my final session on Friday at Hyde Park Book Club with...
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  • MORAL PANIC series

    A delectable selection of morally corrupt panic-inducing performances

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    Moral Panic 1.0

    where it all began

    Solo dance performance

    Moral Panic soundtrack mixed by Betty Lightbulb

    Performed for Autumn Variety Show, hosted by Swamp Doctor at the Newtown Community Centre, April 2016

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    Don't Look

    bum on the news

    Solo dance performance, filmed for TV3 Story news segment

    Freeky Litanies 1.0 soundtrack mixed by Betty Lightbulb

    Performed at Galleria Apartments, Tory Street, Wellington, September 2016

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    Were you smitten?

    uni performance

    Solo live art performance

    For MA Performance module Artist Project Minor, featuring Tom Steer

    Performed at Northern Terrace building, Leeds Beckett University city campus, Leeds, West Yorkshire, December 2016

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    Self Love is a Revolutionary Act

    ensemble choreography

    Cast: Lucy Aspinwall, Eleanor Greasley, Chloe Hall, Melanie McCabe.

    Premiering at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, June 2017

    Soundtrack mixed by Betty Lightbulb

    Text by Chloe Hall and Virginia Kennard

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    am i ever gonna be enough

    sex work and capitalism

    Solo performance event

    Tuesday 20 June, 8pm, Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

    Performance and Choreography: Virginia Kennard

    Mentorship and Dramaturgy: Grace Surman

    Soundtrack: Betty Lightbulb

    Poster design: Cherry Holahan

    Backing track: Trina Louise Higgins

    Sound operation: Adam Sas-Skowronski

    Photography: Daisy Petley

    Development material can be found here

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    what's your bride price

    bridal body as commodity

    Solo performance experiment

    Photography by Vaida Kaklauskaite

    Soundtrack by Betty Lightbulb, featuring Sylvia Plath and sonic compositions by Amy Jean Barnett and Emi Pogoni

    Performed for

    • Lift Off after party, Leeds Beckett University
    • S.A.M.P.L.E., Paper Dress Vintage, London
  • Stuff about me

    [i really like writing bios]

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    Virginia Kennard

    Cisgender bisexual lazy femme queer woman.

    Trying hard to not be #ciswhitefeminist

    MA student. Explicit body performance artist. Movement practitioner. 88 wpm. Belligerent cyclist. Foul-mouthed and unapologetic.


    Former Forester, Stripper, Wine Merchandiser, and Giver of Care. Queer. She/Her #TheLadyGarden


    Drinks peppermint tea and gin. Learning how to be acceptably aggressive. Loves pashing and chocolate.


    Photo credit
    Peter Jennings, 2014, for to and fro, Artspace

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    You occupy my body by looking

    Thursday 4 - Saturday 20 June 2015

    Toi Pōneke Gallery, Wellington, Aotearoa NZ

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    How do i look?


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