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· Performance,credits,sex work

I premiered 'am i ever gonna be enough' at 8pm on Tuesday 20 June 2017, at the Hyde Park Book Club, to a full house including my parents.


Performance and Choreography: Virginia Kennard

Mentorship and Dramaturgy: Grace Surman

Soundtrack: Betty Lightbulb

Poster design: Cherry Holahan

Backing track: Trina Louise Higgins

Sound operation: Adam Sas-Skowronski

Photography: Daisy Petley

Music and Text (in order of performance)

‘Lady Lazarus’ - Sylvia Plath

‘whkglrfthchshststdbpmn feat. Rose Blake’ - Emi Pogoni

‘Spectra Ephemera’ - Amy Jean Barnett

‘Aires’ - Minuit

‘ITEXMAH’ - Mongo Skato

‘Roxanne’ - Morgan James

‘El Tango de Roxanne’ - Moulin Rouge

East London Strippers Collective

‘A Room Full of Cute’ - Minuit

‘Naughty Girl’ - Beyoncé

‘19/01’ - Amy Jean Barnett

‘Survival poem’ (rewritten by Virginia Kennard) - Jenny Holzer

‘Break the Ice’ - Britney Spears

East London Strippers Collective

‘Gimme That Swing’ - Cissie Redgwick

‘Ex’s and Oh’s - Elle King

‘ITEXMAH’ - Mongo Skato

‘The Gift of Death’ - George Monbiot

‘Alright’ - Tadpole

‘Big Spender’ - Sweet Charity

‘Gold Guns Girls’ - Metric

‘Green Light’ - Lorde

Books (in installation)

'Sex on the Margins' - Laura María Agustín

'Art/Porn' - Kelly Dennis

'Capital' - Karl Marx

'The Beaver Show' - Jacqueline Frances

'How you might know me' - Sabrina Mahfouz

'Becoming Sexual' - R. Danielle Egan

'Girl Trouble' - Carol Dyhouse

'Whores and other Feminists' - Jill Nagle

'Living Dolls' - Natasha Walter

'Sexing the Self' - Elspeth Probyn

'Sexy Bodies-' Elizabeth Grosz and Elspeth Probyn

'Powers of Desire' - Ann Snitow, Christine Stansell, Sharon Thompson

'The Absent Body' - Drew Leder

'the explicit body in performance' - Rebecca Schneider

'The Trouble with Women' - Jacky Fleming

'On the Body' - Imogen Cunningham

'Men explain things to me' - Rebecca Solnit

'Tendencies' - Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick

'Ways of Looking' - Ossian Ward

'Angry Women' - Andrea Juno and V. Vale

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