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Session #6: Use your site

Not long now!

· Choreography,text,site specific

Two more sleeps!

It is Sunday and i had my final session on Friday at Hyde Park Book Club with Grace - me one day after returning from Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Romania and Grace straight from the airport from Berlin #internationaltravellers #artistlyfe #wanderlush2017

I did a sort-of run, the order and version of choreo i sent just before i left for Sibiu.

Site specific

Grace had LOTS to say, the main area for development is to use the site more effectively. Use the box more (see above)! Use the chair more. Be IN the space more, rather than just traversing back and forth. Think about more things you can do.

The biggest staging change we made was shifting the microphone from the costume shop entrance to the white arch.

Mix up how you perform text at the microphone.

Maybe say the ethical consumption text sitting in the audience - YES! This is great!

Other changes - sit on chair when doing Prostitution Reform Act text.

I spent the afternoon rehearsing the new staging options as well as solidifying the areas of choreo i was still working on/had forgotten.


The song and the Jenny Holzer poem were still too 'victim-y' and 'vulnerable' - we talked a bunch about what i want to be communicating with these, and how to shift the framing.

I took the Jenny Holzer Survival poem and re-wrote it.

I am going to do a wee intro-ramble to the song, discussing how talking about sex work is awkward for a lot of women who project their own anxieties about it on to me, the notion of pro-sex feminism.

Improve the gist of ethical consumption text - i had written a closing part to the text tying being a stripper with conscious consumerism. "I'm going to keep being a stripper (morally dubious) in order to afford being a conscious consumer (ethical consumption). Blah blah etc. A hint of autobiographical truth right near the end!


To source: a g-string. Maybe a funny coloured one? Humor is good. I found my purple velvet pole dancing pair of knickers that could work...Now to clean all my stinky costumes, my mum is currently ironing my trousers and shirt.


Grace was impressed with how the movement and choreo had been taken up a notch. I need to remember the choreo for a bunch of stuff (urghh) - i reset the choreo for Gimme that Swing and Ex's and Oh's today, and rehearsed those plus Big Spender and Naughty Girl.

Same as last time - GENUINE JOY! Add more movement and freedom to the my 'bow' (curtsy) dance :) Done.

Rambling. My body is sore. I am covered in bruises and cuts. Two more sleeps!

To do

Print posters, warning signs, and programmes.

Scan notebook scribblings, submit portfolio.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.


Edit music.

Cushions for venue.

Books! For props!

Take a wireless microphone, microphone stand (from Perform 1), maybe a light.

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